4th and 5th Grade Research
Natural Disasters
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National Geographic Kids
ESA Kids 
FEMA Natural Disaster Fact Sheets 
Easy Science for Kids - Natural Disasters 



Native Americans
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All tribes’ information in a chart

Native American Facts for kids

Native American Tribes

North American Tribes

Native Tech (Woodlands crafts) 

Great Dreams  (Native American houses) 

Great Sites for Native American Research

Animal Research

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Library Patch for Kids
A-Z Animals

American Revolution

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People of the American Revolution

Biography Online- American Revolution

Men and Women of the American Revolution

Civil War

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Important People of the Civil War
People of the Civil War Research
Ducksters Civil War for Kids

Civil War Battles

Nat Geo Civil War Battle Sites
10 Major Civil War Battles
Civil War by Mr. Donn
Mr. Nussbaum's Civil War Info
Civil War Battles Chart

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World Book Kids

The Great Depression
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Dust Bowl
Dust Bowl Facts
Dust Bowl Info for Kids

Hoovervilles Research
Hoovervilles Facts

Herbert Hoover
Hoover Facts
Hoover History

People During the Depression
People During the Great Depression
Kids During the Great Depression

CCC Facts
CCC Info

WWII and its Impact on the Great Depression
WWII Facts
The End of the Great Depression and WWII