Inclement Weather Day Information - Snow Days and Make-ups through an Alternate Method of Instruction

Garfield Elementary School



Dear Parents,

With the threat of inclement weather possibly coming our way, we wanted to make certain that you have the correct understanding of the district approved AMI (Alternate Method of Instruction).  The purpose of this is to ensure that our students have access to continue their learning even when they are not able to attend school due to bad weather.  Even though it may not be the most “popular” idea among our students, it is, in fact, a great way to help our kids continue with uninterrupted learning.  The material in your child’s packet is not NEW material.  It should be review or practice work for your child. 

Here is what to do:


  1. Student will complete the material that is inside his packet while out of school during bad weather (canceled day/days of school by the superintendent).
  2. Art, Library, Music and PE assignments will be included and your child may choose ONE of these to complete.
  3. Student will return the completed material to his teacher within a week of returning to school.
  4. Teacher will grade the completed work and decide if the student did, in fact, understand the material and was able to complete it successfully.
  5. Student will be counted as present on the designated AMI day, thereby allowing the student to count it as a day of instruction eliminating the need to add a day to the instructional calendar.
  6. If you have any questions about the assignments, you may contact your child’s teacher (see info on the back of this page).



Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need further assistance in understanding what to do with this packet.




Donna James


If you have any questions regarding any of the assignments, you can contact your child’s teacher through email or you may send a text to Remind 101.  Remind 101 is our school wide informational text system that we use to send out important information and updates.  You can sign up by texting the number 81010 and in the text box type @garfieldpa

You will then get a text confirmation that you are a part of the group.  I encourage all of you to sign up to be a part of this text group.  I will use it also to announce school cancellations.

Garfield Staff Information 

 Principal Stephen Bowman
Counselor Donna James
 Kindergarten Penny Bradley
First Grade Courtney McNeece
Second Grade Stacy Reidy
Third Grade Kyla Trammell
Fourth Grade Lucy Minardi
Fifth Grade Steve Dirks
Media Specialist Shari Rafferty
Literacy Coach Donna James
Music Kayla Wiles
Art Amy Fourt
Physical Education Mike Hummel
 REACH Cheryl Inman
Resource Carol Kirchhof